TM Futsal

TECHMAURI Men's and Women's FUTSAL LEAGUE 2023 V1.0.


     Techmauri Men’s and Women’s Futsal League  (TMWFL) consists of 5v5 matches between two teams. This is a league which ends with the top two teams from the league table. Matches consist of 20 minutes per half (10 minutes), and will be organized at Kaasthamandap Futsal Arena and Dhanyentari Sports Hub. 

Total Teams: 25 + 

Registration Details:

Entry fee: NRs. 11,111

Registration deadline: Feb 10 2023

Registration form link:

Total participating teams: 25+


  1. Teamm members will confirm your participation and collect the registration fee.
  2. The participating company should be a registered firm and must have some association with technology within the organization. (Participation
    open to: Mobile Brands, Hardware and Appliances, Software, IT, Networking, Digital Marketing Agency, Automobiles, etc.)
  3. All the participating team members must be working within the firm. We will ask for the Identity proof of each of the participating members for validation purposes


Winner: NRs. 1,11,111 (Cash Prize + Trophy + Medals + Certificate)

First Runner-up: NRs. 55,555 (Cash Prize + Trophy + Medals + Certificate)

Third Place: NRs. 1111 (Cash Prize + Trophy + Medals + Certificate)

Best Player, Best Goalkeeper, Highest Scorer: Trophy + Medals + Certificate


  • February
  • Season opener, with a full slate of games featuring all teams


  • Regular season games continue, with matches happening on a weekly basis.
  • Midseason Game


  • Championship Matches, Prize distributions , Special Events , Beta Booking App release with limited features.
  • Time: 9AM to 1PM
  • Venue: Kaasthamandap Futsal Arena
  • Referee: Licensed by ANFA

League Format

The league will be organized in a single round-robin format, with each team playing every other team once. This means that each team will play a total of 24 games over the course of the tournament.


The tournament will consist of 6 rounds, with each round consisting of 13 games. The specific match-ups for each round are as follows:


Round x:

  • Game 1: Team A vs. Team B
  • Game 2: Team C vs. Team D
  • Game 3: Team E vs. Team F
  • Game 4: Team G vs. Team H
  • Game 5: Team I vs. Team J
  • Game 6: Team K vs. Team L
  • Game 7: Team M vs. Team N
  • Game 8: Team O vs. Team P
  • Game 9: Team Q vs. Team R
  • Game 10: Team S vs. Team T
  • Game 11: Team U vs. Team V
  • Game 12: Team W vs. Team X
  • Game 13: Team Y vs. Team Z

Rules and Guidelines

  1. All the team should be available 30 min prior to the game time.
  2. Manager should reach out to the organizing team for the verification and validation process.
  3. None of the team should be involved in unethical or unfair approaches during the tournament.
  4. There will be 20 minutes of game with 3 minutes of half time.
  5. Each match begins with a 5 minute warm up period. After the 5 minute warm up period, the players line up in opposite halves of the field and wait for the whistle.
  6. Play at your own risk. Any injuries related during the tournament will not be responsible by team techmauri.
  7. First Aid and drinking water will be provided by the organizers.

The Number of Players and Substitution

  1. Teams may have a maximum of 8 players per team; Maximum of 5 players are on the court at one time, 4 court players and 1 goalkeeper.
  2. There are unlimited substitutions. However, once a player has been substituted out of the field, the player should wait a minimum of 2 minutes to re-enter the field.
  3. The referee must be notified if any player is changed.
  4. A match may not start if either team consists of fewer than four players. The match will be abandoned if one of the teams has fewer than four players on the pitch.

The Player’s Equipment

  1. All players within a team must wear the same color playing shirt or bibs.
  2. Shirt color of two opposing teams must not match.
  3. Players may not wear jewelry, any other sharp adornments or anything that may be deemed dangerous to other players.

The Duration of the Match

  1. Games will be 2 x 10 minute halves with a 3 minute break for half time.
  2. Any time lost due to the stoppage of play will be added by the referee at the end of the half.

The Start and Restart of Play

  1. From a kick off, the ball must be played forward. A goal cannot be scored directly from a kick off.
  2. The opposing team must be inside their own half, outside the central circle.

Goalkeeper Rules

  1. Goalkeepers have 4 seconds to control the ball/restart play from inside their own area.
  2. Goalkeepers are not allowed to pick up a back pass from any of their teammates.
  3. Goalkeepers should restart with a goal kick when the ball has gone out of play behind their goal.
  4. Throws and kicks are free to travel anywhere on court during general play e.g. a back pass or save, as long as it doesn’t breach goalkeeper rule 5.
  5. Goalkeepers can throw or dribble after picking the ball.
  6. Goalkeepers may be changed during the match, as long as the referee is notified of the change.

Penalty Shootout

  1. Normal penalty kick rules apply to the penalty kick of a penalty shootout, but the attacking player may only have one shot at goal.
  2. Goalkeepers should not cross the goal line during the penalty kick.

Fouls and Misconduct

  1. No slide tackles or tackling a player from behind. Playing on the ground is permitted when not endangering a player.
  2. Physical contact is expected, but should be kept to an absolute minimum e.g. minimal shoulder-to-shoulder contact will be allowed, and judged by the referee.
  3. The referee has the ability to remove a player from the game for unsportsmanlike conduct. This may result in a temporary ‘sin-bin’ or complete removal from the remainder of the game.
  4. A ‘sin-bin’ will result in a player being removed for between 2-5 minutes, with no substitution allowed.
  5. There are NO offsides.
  6. A player must not challenge the ball while it is caught by the goalkeeper.

Free Kicks

    • Direct and indirect free kicks will be awarded at the discretion of the referee.
    • A direct free kick allows the kick taker to score directly from the free kick.
    • To score from an indirect free kick the ball must touch another player before
    • entering the goal.

    A direct free kick will be awarded in the following instances;

    • .A foul e.g. tackle from behind, incorrect slide tackle, careless/excessive contact.
    • Any behavior the referee deems to be unsportsmanlike e.g. purposely handballing, shirt pulling etc
    • Every sixth foul by the opposing team
    1. An indirect free kick will be awarded for all other offenses such as; accidental handball, goalkeeping infringement, breach of the goalkeeping area by court players, restart of play.
    2. Goalkeeping infringements include; not restarting play within 4 seconds, handling the ball when passed back by a team mate, handling the ball outside the goalkeepers area.
    3. All opposing players must be 3m from the ball on direct and indirect free kicks.

The Ball in and Out of Play

  1. When the ball goes out over the sideline, it is then placed on the sideline, or up to 25 cm behind the line. From a stationary position, the ball is kicked into the court to another player.
  2. Corner kicks will be taken in the instant a ball touches a defending player before crossing the line behind the goal. A goal kick will be awarded in the instance an attacking player is the last to touch it before it crosses the goal line.
  3. All restarts of play must be completed within 4 seconds. The 4 seconds begins at the referee’s discretion.
  4. The opposing team must be at least 1 meter away from the ball for throws ins and corners. On goal kicks, all opposing players must be outside the goalkeepers area.
  5. For a ball to be out of play all of the ball must have crossed the side or goal line, either on the ground or in the air.
  6. For a goal to be scored, all of the ball must have crossed the goal line between the goal posts, either on the ground or in the air.
  7. A goal cannot be scored directly from any restart of play.
  8. Whether a ball is in or out of play, or a goal being scored, is at the discretion of the referee.
  9. If the ball touches the roof, play will be restarted by a throw-in from either side of the center line by a team who did not strike the ball into the roof.
  10. On breach of goalkeeper rule 4, play will be restarted by a throw-in from either side of the center line by the opposing team.

Final Rule

  1. The referee’s decision is final.
  2. If the referee is wrong or VAR assistance is needed, please consult the above rule.